Decisions, decisions. Some are as easy as which route to take to work. Others can be quite challenging and life-altering. So we fret over them. We put them off. We even give others the power to make them for us. If this sounds familiar, perhaps it’s  time to “Wise Up.” In a new sermon series by that name, we’ll learn how to mine for gold as we dig deep into the Book of Proverbs, which is filled with insight and guidance for living. Word to the wise: You won’t want to miss it.


Words Wisely Spoken
Jeff McNicol - 08/02/17

Why Can't We Be Friends?
Jeff McNicol - 07/23/17

The Pride Price
Jeff McNicol - 07/16/17

Handling Wealth Wisely
Jeff McNicol - 07/09/17

The Exercises of a Healthy Heart

Jason Martin - 07/02/17

Balancing Rest and Responsibility
Ed Walsh - 06/25/17

Home As You've Always Wanted It
Jeff McNicol - 07/18/17

Life When No One Is Looking
Jeff McNicol - 06/11/17

Making the Tough Choices
Jeff McNicol - 06/04/17