Hopeless. Helpless. Alone. The Bible offers many examples of people who felt that way. On the brink of giving up. Not knowing where to turn. Desperate for a miracle. In this sermon series we will be guided through the pages of scripture to explore God’s perfect track record when those same people cried out to Him in times of trouble. Their circumstances appeared insurmountable, BUT GOD made a way. Can He do the same for you? Find out below.


When You're Out of Step with God
Jeff McNicol - 05/28/17

When You're Feeling Unloved
Jeff McNicol - 05/21/17

When Life Isn't Fair
Jeff McNicol - 05/14/17

When You Need A Promise
Ed Walsh - 05/07/17

When God Seems Far Away
Jeff McNicol - 04/30/17

When You Need Perspective
Jeff McNicol - 04/23/17

When Hope Is Hard to Find
Jeff McNicol - 04/16/17