Do you ever feel the circumstances of life are against you? Are your days filled with one uphill battle after another? When it comes to the size of your troubles, do you feel like an underdog? You’re not alone. And the good news is that whether it’s in sports, business or the Bible, there are many examples of underdogs rising to the occasion and meeting their foes head-on. Join us each week as we learn the lessons of the underdog and the victory that is possible, no matter how unexpected it may be.

Dealing with Injustice
Jeff McNicol - 09/17/17

Dealing with Faith that Falters
Jeff McNicol - 09/10/17

Dealing with Your Doubters
Jason Martin - 09/03/17

Dealing with Your Labels
Jeff McNicol - 08/27/17

Dealing with Your Past
Jeff McNicol - 08/20/17

Dealing with the Hand You Are Dealt
Matt Frey - 08/13/17

Dealing with Limited Resources
Jeff McNicol - 08/06/17