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Special Needs Mission

Special Needs Mission

Our Mission


Supporting individuals with additional needs
and their families to fully participate in the life of the Church.

Special Needs Info

Special Needs Info

The Basics


Who is it for?


Unlimited is for individuals with a variety of unique circumstances ranging from mental and behavioral health needs to developmental disabilities.

What is provided?


Each Thursday, Unlimited offers services to students with unique needs during the 7pm service and supports students with special needs at Awana. On Sunday mornings, the sensory rooms are open during the 10:45 service, and buddies are on hand to connect with students. Unlimited also offers respite nights for parents to share an evening out as their children with — and without — special needs enjoy activities at our church.

 Who can I contact?


If you are interested in serving, want more information about this ministry, or know a family who could benefit from Unlimited,  email Jenna Hannum . One of our staff members will conduct a brief interview with the family to be sure that we can best meet the unique needs of each child.

Special Needs Core Values

Special Needs Core Values

Our Core Values




To have an evangelistic impact on the special needs community through proactive outreach making the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ accessible to people of all abilities in fulfillment of the Great Commission

(Matt 28:19)  



To equip people with disabilities and their families to become full participants and contributors in the body of Christ

(1 Cor 12:27) 

Special Needs Details

Special Needs Details

The Details


The services of Unlimited ministry may be requested by the individual themselves, the family of the individual, or the ministry leader(s) serving the individual. For the purpose of Unlimited, the terms “additional needs”, “special needs”, and “disability” encompasses a broad range of unique needs, including, but not limited to: learning differences, intellectual disability, neurological disorders, developmental delays, communication disorders, social skills deficits, physical disabilities, sensory needs, and medical conditions. A student experiencing a sudden life change may also benefit from the services of Unlimited for a period of time. Understanding why a particular student requires the services of the ministry is often unimportant. What is important is that Unlimited is able to provide the assistance in order to help individuals with special needs find success in the church setting. Unlimited ministry does not provide therapy, behavior modification programs, or medical intervention. To the best of our abilities, our ministry team will strive to follow guidance from and utilize tools provided by parents. Medical assistance will be provided in emergency situations. 

Special Needs CTA

Special Needs CTA



AUGUST 16, 2019

OCTOBER 18, 2019

DECEMBER 6, 2019

FEBRUARY 21, 2020

APRIL 24, 2020

*Times are 6-8pm for each date



Parents of children with special needs can leave their children — both those with and without special needs — at Pathway Church and enjoy an evening to themselves. Unlimited staff will provide fun activities for the kids, which will include a bouncy house, Wii, a movie, a snack, and more. After you sign up, a member of the Unlimited staff will contact you to conduct a brief interview before your child(ren) may attend. This is to ensure that we can provide the best care for your child. If you are interested in volunteering for a respite event, email  Jenna Hannum.