Have you ever dreamed about making the winning shot at the buzzer or hitting a grand slam in the bottom of the 9th or closing a mega deal against all odds? Most of us think about excelling or being the best at what we do…or dream of doing. Unfortunately, reality sets in and we settle for something less. Well, what about with our spiritual lives and work in the church? What would keep us from excelling at the opportunities in front of us? In this series we’re going to dream beyond the ordinary and ask ourselves, Why Not Us? 

Generosity: Breaking Off the Chains
Jeff McNicol - 06/14/15

A Gift for Extraordinary Living
Jason Martin - 06/07/15

Seasoned to Make a Difference
Jeff McNicol - 05/31/15

Identity in Crisis vs. Identity in Christ
Matt Frey - 05/23/15

Living Like Never Before
Jeff McNicol - 05/16/15