Life in the real world can be challenging and confusing. There are trials to overcome, pains to endure, and decisions that call for wisdom we don’t always feel we have. For those circumstances and many more, there is some immensely practical advice that comes to us from the book of James in the Bible. When life threatens to cause our faith to stall, the powerful truths of James will keep us In Motion and lead us to overcome.

Toughness and Tenderness for a Body In Motion
Matt Frey - 10/11/15

The Pursuit of Patience
Jason Martin - 09/26/15

Influencing My World
Jeff McNicol - 09/19/15

Dreams and Plans
Jeff McNicol - 09/13/15

Matt Frey - 09/05/15

Wise or Otherwise
Jeff McNicol - 08/30/15

Talk Isn't Cheap
Jeff McNicol - 08/23/15

Perfect Together
Jeff McNicol - 08/16/15

The Law of Love
Jeff McNicol - 08/09/15

Playing Favorites
Gabe deGarmeaux

Truth That Transforms
Ed Walsh - 07/16/15

Bait and Switch
Jeff McNicol -07/19/15

On the Level
Jeff McNicol - 07/12/15

Wise Up
Jeff McNicol - 07/05/15

Passing the Test
Jeff McNicol - 06/28/15


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