Sometimes, it feels like we're running in place.  Working hard but going nowhere. Other times it seems we are so focused on what’s next, we forget about the importance of right now. Yet, when it comes to living for God, the "right now" and the "what’s next" are equally important. Here we examine this idea in a new teaching series through the book of First Thessalonians called PROPELLERS. A propeller not only spins in place but also pushes forward to what’s ahead. In many ways, we are called to do the same. Working hard in the moment while building momentum for the future. How are you living today with your eyes on what’s ahead?  Get ready. PROPELLERS promises to send your spirit soaring.

Lasting Impressions
Jason Martin - 03/13/16

Gospel Infused Community
Ed Walsh - 03/05/16

Ready or Not
Jeff McNicol - 02/28/16

Handling What's Ahead
Jeff McNicol - 02/21/16

Matt Frey - 02/14/16

Jeff McNicol - 02/06/16

Jeff McNicol - 01/31/16

The Polarizing Word of God
Jeff McNicol - 01/24/16

Making A Difference
Jeff McNicol - 01/17/16

Off To A Good Start
Jeff McNicol - 01/10/16



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