God’s glory. It invites worship. It provides hope. And it changes lives. We see example after example of this throughout the scriptures, and in a new seven-part series, we will explore what happens when the glory of God reaches mankind.  The broken are healed. The blind see. And the dead are restored to life. We may never know the full magnitude of a life transformed by the glory of God, but one thing is certain: You will never be the same.


It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This
Matt Frey - 01/03/16

Newness of Glory
Gabe deGarmeaux - 12/27/15


Interacting with Glory
Jeff McNicol - 12/20/15

Glory That Transforms
Jeff McNicol - 12/06/15


Glory Match
Jason Martin - 11/3015

Show Me Your Glory
Jeff McNicol - 11/22/15

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