Do you ever face circumstances that threaten to shake your confidence in what the present is becoming or what the future will be?  The waves of challenge and change that crash upon us have the power to leave us discouraged and defeated, if we allow them. That was a concern for the young church in Thessalonica as well. They faced persecution and opposition from many sides that required a determined persistence to overcome.  So the Apostle Paul encouraged them to live Unshaken in a letter we call Second Thessalonians. Throughout this sermon series, we will examine their rock-solid determination and explore how we can develop it, too.

Get to Work
Jeff McNicol - 06/05/16

Finally, Faithfulness
Matt Frey - 05/29/16

Stand Firm
Jeff McNicol - 05/22/16

Living Prepared
Jeff McNicol - 05/15/16

Unshaken Justice
Chad Agnew - 05/08/16

Traits of the Unshaken
Jeff McNicol - 05/01/16