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Are you the real thing? Every time you speak, people are wondering: Do your actions match your words? A man named John once asked the same question and through the pages of scripture, he offers clear, practical advice to help us discover the answer. His letter is called 1 John, and in a new sermon series we’ll explore together what it takes to be The Real Thing.

No Doubt About It
Jeff McNicol - 03/25/18

Filtered Faith
Jason Martin - 03/18/18

You Must Be Born Again
Matt Frey - 03/10/18

Love Will Find a Way
Jeff McNicol - 03/04/18

Choosing Sides
Jeff McNicol - 02/25/18

The Greatest of These is Love
Matt Frey - 02/18/18

Family Resemblance
Jason Martin - 02/11/18

Truth or Consequences
Jeff McNicol -02/04/18

A World of Difference
Jeff McNicol - 01/28/18

Knowing What You're Made Of
Jeff McNicol - 01/21/18

An Illuminating Truth
Jeff McNicol - 01/14/18

Embracing the Real Thing
Jeff McNicol - 01/07/18