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Summer’s here and that means it’s time to hit the road and make some memories. Whether you’re heading to the beach, the mountains or the city, drive carefully: you’re going to encounter both freshly paved routes and a few potholes along the way. A lot like life itself. In this sermon series, we’ll explore how to navigate the road ahead.

Are We There Yet?: When the Journey Gets Long
Jeff McNicol - 07/29/18

Rest Area: Finding Margin
Matt Frey - 07/22/18

Guardrails: Setting Boundaries
Matt Frey - 07/15/18

Detours: When Life Takes You Off Course
Jeff McNicol - 07/08/18

Idiot Light: Recognizing Warning Signs
Jeff McNicol - 07/01/18

Distracted Driving: Handling Competing Priorities
Jeff McNicol - 06/24/18

Traveling Companions: Fostering Relationships
Jeff McNicol - 06/17/18

Navigation: Setting the Best Course
Jeff McNicol - 06/10/18