Yay, it’s Thursday!

We’ve been sharing that sentiment around Pathway for weeks now. That’s right, we are already in our third month of Thursday night services and it has been a blast! From the moment people arrive, to our “Thirty Before Thursday” service opening, to the energetic singing and more, the whole experience has been awesome.  

Recently, I was with a group of senior pastors from large churches who had learned about our Thursday night service. They had many questions, and it was my pleasure to reflect on our experience thus far.  

Here are some of the highlights I shared:

  • Gratitude for the leadership. From the moment we started talking about this idea more than a year ago, our elders, staff and other leaders began imagining the exciting possibilities this could bring. While churches are sometimes known for resisting change and innovation, our leaders embraced the possibilities.  

  • Gratitude for the congregation. Ending one service (the former Saturday night) and starting another is no small endeavor. It impacted hundreds of people, but the congregation grabbed onto the vision and has shown great flexibility and enthusiasm for the new Thursday experience. 

  • Gratitude for community support. I was so moved by the way area businesses supported the new Thursday service and helped us get the word out to the community.  From handing out flyers, to promo cards in pizza boxes and on serving trays, the word has spread. I’ll never forget standing at the counter in one of those businesses and having the clerk, who did not know me and does not attend Pathway, show me the card and tell me that I should go check it out! I thanked her and told her I had already heard a little about it.  

  • Great food! What awesome dinner options there are before and after the Thursday services! From pulled pork, to pizza, to hot dogs, to Chick-fil-A and more, there is always good eating going on to fuel your evening. 

  • Enthusiastic worshipers. I am loving Thursday nights and the spirit that is evident in the building and throughout the service. It is clear that people have come to encounter God and enter in with heart and soul. Each week I have experienced the joy of the Lord and have been stirred in my own heart as we have worshipped together. God is doing something special!

  • An outside-the-box experience. Thursdays are not like any other service. They provide unusual possibilities. One of those has to do with Easter. Can you celebrate the resurrection on Thursday, before remembering the cross on Good Friday? The answer: ABSOLUTELY! I’m looking forward to doing just that. We celebrate the resurrection all year long, so why would we stop now? We’re going to give it our all for Easter Thursday!  

There’s much more we could say about Thursday and I DID share more with my pastor friends. But instead of telling you more, why not come see it for yourself? Many of you already are Thursday regulars and you should know I’m so thankful for you. Others of you are regular Sunday attenders and I’m very thankful for you, too. But when those occasions come up when you’ll be away for the weekend or have a Sunday conflict, join us on Thursdays and see what it’s all about. I think you’ll walk away saying, “Yay, It’s Thursday!”