Thursday Night@Pathway is here! We’re even sending you this blog a day ahead of schedule to celebrate the fact that our new Thursday service begins TONIGHT!  

Preparing for the launch of the service has afforded me the opportunity to speak with a lot of people about the change and our hopes for what it will accomplish. The responses I have received and the questions I have been asked have been very interesting and have led me to a few observations about Pathway. 

1. The people of Pathway have a heart for the unchurched. 

From the very start, it has been our desire to see people who are not connected to a church find a connection at Pathway. Perhaps they have never been a part of a church or maybe they have wandered away, but we want to help them find their way into a growing relationship with Jesus. We want to create an environment that is conducive to seeing that happen among people who haven’t been reached by a typical approach to church.  

But here’s the thing: I’m not expecting unchurched people to just start showing up because we opened the doors on a different night. They are going to show up because someone cared enough to invite them to attend. That someone is you. You have an opportunity in your sphere of influence that no one else has. And when they come, we’ll be ready. We know there is typically ONE opportunity to make them feel welcome and as if they belong, and we’re not going to squander that chance.   

2. The people of Pathway are up for a challenge.

Thursday nights are not going to be easy. There isn’t a single person who will serve or attend on a Thursday night who isn’t undergoing a change to their routine. Some of those people used to attend on Saturday, but that service is gone. Some of those people had a previous Thursday commitment, but they’ve rescheduled it. Some of those people have never served before but are stepping up. Some of those people have been nervous about inviting others, but they’re reaching out. The bottom line is that the importance of the mission has led them to lean into the challenge and experience the value of doing so. 

Of course, the change to a Thursday service also is going to provide additional opportunities and convenience. For those who would typically attend on Sunday and would miss the week’s service when away for the weekend, they can now join us on Thursdays and not miss a week. I hope everyone will take advantage of that opportunity.  The Thursday night service is an endeavor for ALL of Pathway, not just those who plan to attend on Thursday. Everyone has a role to play through invitation and participation. 

3. The people of Pathway are willing to get out of the box.

Many of our attenders aren’t used to a service on Thursday. Some ask, “Can you do that?” Pathway answered, “Why not?” We want to see if we can make an impact in places we haven’t before and for that to happen, we have to do things in ways we’ve never done them before. So starting tonight, here we go!  

I’m so thankful for the leaders of Pathway, who have the vision to get out of the box and do whatever is necessary to increase our impact.  I’m also thankful for the people of Pathway, who have stepped up and made a commitment to making Thursday nights all they can be.  There are still opportunities to join in the adventure: You can serve in Children’s, Worship, First Impressions, the Café and more. Or, you can show your support by simply attending.  

Yes, Thursday Night@Pathway is here. I can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do in our midst as you express your heart for the unchurched, embrace the challenge and live out of the box!