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Happy anniversary!

Those are always fun words to hear because they celebrate milestones. Anniversaries are almost always about good news. No one ever wishes you a happy anniversary to observe the day you lost your job or the day your favorite pet died. Of course, weddings are among the most familiar anniversaries we recognize. Carolyn and I will celebrate our 34th later this year. 

There is a different anniversary on my mind right now. It is not the anniversary of the Penguins’ last Stanley Cup — that isn’t even a year old yet. It’s not the kick-off of the All In initiative — that will be three years in the fall. The one on my mind is the five-year anniversary of the launch of our Moon Campus.  

It hardly seems possible that it has been five years already, but it has been, which is a testament to the faithfulness of the leaders and volunteers who make it happen week in and week out. It was a delight to be with the people of the Moon Campus to celebrate this achievement during a special luncheon. While there, I had the opportunity to thank the whole campus for their service and dedication.  

As I looked across the room I saw people who show up every week long before the Sunday morning service begins to transform a banquet room into a worship space, and then tear it down again right after. I saw people who made a nine-month commitment to help get Moon started in 2013 who are still connected, some of them driving from Chippewa every weekend. I saw people who lead the Sunday morning adult class, and serve in the nursery, and teach the children, and guide the youth, and facilitate home Bible studies and much more. Virtually everyone at the Moon Campus has a place where they serve and contribute to the ministry. The spirit of teamwork is palpable.  

The glue for all these years has been Pastor Chad Agnew. He has guided the campus from the first day until now and has done a great job. It hasn’t always been easy with the church meeting in three different locations over those five years — with another move on the way — but he has led with distinction. I am truly grateful. 

When you pray, thank God for what He has done through the Moon Campus and ask for His blessing on the next five years and beyond. Ask for God’s favor in locating the next place He has for the congregation to meet. You may also remember we are still searching for a full-time campus pastor, so pray that God’s direction would be clear.  

We have so much to be thankful for at Pathway and one of those highlights is our Moon Campus. To all at that campus, I say “thank you” … and “happy anniversary!”