February, with Valentine’s Day right in the middle, is often referred to as the month of love. It is a time when dating couples and spouses make expressions of their love for one another. Of course, traditional gifts include a simple card with a syrupy verse, a box of chocolates, an arrangement of flowers, or an evening out. However, I personally favor a gift I saw recently, which looks like a huge heart-shaped box of chocolates, but when you open it up, all the little candy wrappers are filled with chicken nuggets and dipping sauce. These are some of the ways you can express your love for someone else this February and I’d encourage you to go for it.


As important as those expressions are, there are some other demonstrations of love taking place this February that also have captured our attention at Pathway. Even as this newsletter is being distributed, we have a team serving the Lord in the Dominican Republic. They are sharing their love for the people and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. A little later in the month, another team will be traveling to Kenya to advance the partnership we have established with the Massai people of Orkarkar. The Kenya team will be expressing its love by further developing friendships with people we have come to know over multiple trips. We also will express our love through practical acts of compassion by addressing physical and spiritual needs, as well as adding classrooms to the school that was started on a previous trip. I urge you to be praying for these expressions of love, that even though the people served are on opposite sides of the globe, they would understand the oneness that exists wherever the love of Jesus is made known.


On an even more personal note, I want to thank you for your expressions of love, prayers and support for our family as Carolyn’s father recently passed away unexpectedly. Myron was a man known for his dry sense of humor, gentleness and faithful walk with the Lord. You have heard me urge people to not retire from their work for the Lord when they retire from their work for others, and Carolyn’s dad was my hero in that regard. He greatly looked forward to his retirement because of a longing he had, together with his wife Janet, to do volunteer work for some of their favorite organizations like Wycliffe Bible Translators, Cru and Child Evangelism Fellowship. Their volunteer work in recent years took them to Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio and even Belgium, serving and loving others all along the way. Myron will be greatly missed, but we rejoice that his faith has been turned to sight!


I don’t know what your February will hold, but don’t let it pass without expressing your love for others. Yes, those in your family to be sure, but also those whose lives the Lord gives you the opportunity to touch.


“God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.” — 1 John 4:16


Pastor Jeff