You may be familiar with that song made famous by Jerry Lee Lewis in 1957. Big Maybelle (not a particularly flattering name for a female singer) was actually the first to record it, but it was Lewis’ rendition that made it to number one on the charts and the only one you have probably heard. 


That very song has been running through my head lately because there’s been a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on at Pathway — literally! The site work for our new children’s wing has begun and several large machines have been digging, bulldozing and compacting the dirt, preparing it for footings and a concrete pad. In addition to rolling the dirt, one of the machines (pictured, at right) has a feature where it violently shakes as it rolls to improve the compaction. Well, it doesn’t just shake and roll the dirt, it shakes everything else around. This picture was taken out of my office window. It came so close that some of the items on my desk were moving. My desk chair vibrated like an expensive one. It made for an interesting day and it is very exciting to see progress being made on the construction site.   


There are other things shakin’ at Pathway as well. It was great fun to recently have LOTS of children in the building for Sonzone Jr. and Sonzone day camps. The kids worshiped, learned about God and learned other skills as well. I couldn’t help but think about the blessing the new space will be for ministry endeavors such as these. Many thanks to all the volunteers who made those experiences a reality for our kids.  


Something else that is shakin’ right now is another opportunity to be baptized as a believer in Jesus Christ. One of the annual highlights at Pathway is our outdoor baptism service at Darlington Lake. It is a time to hear how the Lord has been moving in people’s hearts and lives, and support them as they take this significant spiritual step. You may be interested in being baptized yourself and we invite you to join us. 


This year’s baptism service will be at 6pm on Sunday, July 17. The setting of Darlington Lake makes it the perfect outdoor environment to take this vital step of faith in Christ. If you are interested in being baptized, there is a one-hour class you can attend to learn more about baptism and the details for taking part. The class will be at 9am on Saturday, July 9, at the Chippewa Campus. If you are not able to attend, but are still interested in taking part, please contact the church office at 724.843.6381 or at  


One other thing shakin’ at Pathway in July is welcoming two new elders onto the board. They are Dave Layton and Bryan Hazelwood. We look forward to the contribution each of them will make to the direction our church is headed. The downside is that two individuals are also leaving the board after fulfilling their terms.  They are John Marx and Tom Whetsel. Both men have served with distinction and I will miss their presence on the board greatly. 


I’m grateful to be able to serve a church where there’s a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on. The Lord has given us many opportunities to reach our community and beyond, and also help those in our ministry grow deep in faith and commitment. We are striving to be faithful to that call. So, look for more shakin’ in the days to come! 

- Pastor Jeff