Wanna celebrate? I think most of us are always game for a celebration, and the cake and ice cream that often accompany a good bash aren’t bad either. Well, if you’re looking for some festivities worthy of a celebration, then have I got a month for you! May overflows with such opportunities.


I must admit that one focal point for the month is very personal as my daughter Melissa and son-in-law Josh will be completing graduate school as full-fledged doctors of pharmacy on May 7. It has been a long and arduous journey for each of them, but they have excelled and we are very proud of their accomplishments. We’re also glad to have someone to call for advice about future aches and pain — present ones, too!


That very same weekend, we will turn our attention to moms as we celebrate their role in our lives. Though not perfect, most every mom has done her best to help her children down a path to what she sees as best for them. We can honor moms for their efforts, attention and love. We can also rejoice with the many moms welcoming children into their homes through birth and adoption. To date in 2016, we are averaging about one birth to a Pathway mom per week! Now that’s reason to rejoice.


Another celebration is going to come on May 22 as we conduct our Pathway annual celebration and business meeting. It is a time to reflect on some of the awesome things that have transpired in the previous year and also look forward to what is to come. We will elect new leaders to important positions and set a course for ministry in the year ahead. It is sure to be a time of encouragement and we urge all members to be in attendance for that annual highlight.


As if that weren’t enough, the month wraps up with Memorial Day. This, too, is a time for celebration. It is a somber time, to be sure, as we remember those who have fought and died for our nation and our freedoms. I’d encourage you to set aside time this year to reflect on the sacrifice made by so many and the families who have experienced the loss of a loved one who served our country. And while you’re on your knees, pray for those who continue to serve in uniform on your behalf and mine.


And speaking of being on our knees, one of the greatest celebrations takes place on May 5. It is the National Day of Prayer when the citizens of our country are called to pray for our nation, our leaders and our future. We are at a critical crossroads in these days and we need God’s will and wisdom to prevail, so join me in praying that day, and every day.


It is going to be an awesome month, Pathway, so let’s celebrate!

— Pastor Jeff