Hey, Pathway, join me in celebrating March Madness!

You may read that and think we’re going to run a church-wide bracket for the NCAA basketball tournament. Perhaps the winner could get an all-expense paid trip to Wampum. That could be fun, but that’s not what I have in mind.

What I DO have in mind is the excitement of all that is transpiring this month. Right at the top of the list has to be the 80 individuals from Pathway who are participating in short-term mission projects all around the globe. One team just returned from South Carolina where it spent a week in relief efforts, rebuilding and repairing a ministry center that is reaching deeply into the community with the love of Jesus.

As this note arrives in your inbox, another team is in the Dominican Republic to share the love of Christ and address significant needs in the area. Pastor Matt also will be departing soon for Haiti, the other side of the island from the DR, and address the same sorts of urgent issues among the locals in the northern region of the country.

Finally, yet another team will be traveling to Kenya in early March to take the next step in advancing our global partnership with a remote village called Orkarkar. It is my privilege to be a part of this team that will conduct many ministries in the village, share the love of Christ and also construct a church building for the rapidly growing fellowship of believers. We would love to have your prayer support and invite you to use the prayer guide that has been prepared, detailing daily activities and specific prayer requests. You can pick up a hard copy at Pathway, find it on our website at lifeatpathway.com/prayforkenya, or simply link to it here: http://lifeatpathway.com/prayforkenya.

March also is an exciting month because it is the third anniversary of our Moon Campus. I am so grateful for the many people who share in the ministry in Moon. Pastor Chad has done an excellent job of giving leadership since the inception of the campus in 2013. He is excited about the future of the ministry there as are the other Moon staff members and dozens of volunteers who work diligently each week to make it a great environment to worship, grow and serve.

We could go on and on, but one last highlight of March this year is Easter! There is nothing like celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and the transformation from darkness to light for all who trust in Him. I’m also excited to be kicking off a new teaching series this Easter called Afterlife. We’re going to be thinking about what heaven is like, what we’ll do there, who will be there and what will be the circumstance of those who aren’t. This is a hot topic today, and you may know someone who would be interested in joining you for this series. Please invite them.

Well, March Madness is upon us and it is going to be spectacular … even if you don’t win a trip to Wampum.

Pastor Jeff