February 2015 has been highlighted on my calendar for many months. Can you guess why? To give you a hint, it’s not because February contains Super Bowl XLIX (2/1) in which the Steelers aren’t playing, or that there’s “Play Your Ukulele Day” (2/2). It’s not even because February is the calendar home to “Girl Scout Cookie Day” (2/6) or “Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day” (2/7), as worthy a reason as those are. The real reason for my anticipation and excitement about the days upon us is that this is the month Pathway is sending our first mission team to the Maasai village of Orkarkar in Kenya. 

Twenty-three people have been diligently making preparations to travel to Kenya as Pathway’s ambassadors to reach out with the love of Jesus Christ. They will depart on February 7 and be engaged in a multi-faceted project including Bible/gospel studies for Maasai men and women and a VBS-styled ministry to children. Additionally, the team will operate a medical clinic to meet physical needs and an optical ministry to fit the villagers with much-needed glasses to help them see clearly, perhaps for the first time in many years. Finally, the project will also include the construction of a large building that will house two classrooms and a church, together with another smaller structure that will serve as home to the new pastor who will shortly begin ministry in the village. 

Pathway’s larger strategy in Orkarkar is to take additional teams to develop a community/gospel partnership. The partnership will focus on bringing the villagers to Christ, supporting the development of the church, providing a school and clinic. We anticipate there will be a number of opportunities for you to share in the partnership by traveling as a part of a future team as well. 

Actually, many at Pathway are already sharing in the partnership in Orkarkar through gifts to the recent Give Joy to the World initiative. A portion of those funds have gone to establishing the work in Orkarkar by providing a desperately needed water well and other projects related to meeting the needs of the people of Orkarkar. 

Regarding Give Joy to the World, it was a great pleasure to report in a recent sermon on the generosity of the people of Pathway. Your giving resulted in a grand total of more than $131,000. That is phenomenal and I thank you for the kindness you have shown to men, women and children in need around the world by providing them with water for their thirst and living water for their souls. It is a joy to serve a congregation so tenderhearted toward the needs of others! 

I trust you have a wonderful February…and not just because it contains “National Bacon Day” (2/26)! 

Many Blessings!

Pastor Jeff