Who is going to throw the best neighborhood parties this summerWhy not us?

When reading through the Bible have you ever been struck by Gods commitment to celebration? Think about it: in the Old Testament when God would do a magnificent work amongst his people, afterward they would often celebrate feasts and festivals and carry them out every year as a way of remembering Gods triumphs over his adversaries. One of the greatest examples of this is the Passover meal an epic celebration meal with several intentional parts that all serve as reminders of  Gods faithfulness to his promises, and ultimately death passing over Gods people. The event of Passover revealed Gods mercy, grace, and love and the meal serves as a beautiful reflection of that.

Now consider the New Testament. Jesus was always eating meals with people. His first recorded miracle was at a wedding celebration. He had a reputation for dining with tax collectors and sinners (Matthew 9:10). Pharisees even accused Jesus of being a glutton and a drunk (Luke 7:34). Time after time in the four gospel accounts we see Jesus eating with all different types of people.

Theres so much more! One of the precious sacraments Communion is a celebratory meal that reminds us of what Jesus accomplished through the cross. The culmination of God making all things new in Revelation is marked by a spectacular wedding feast!

Throughout history, and from Genesis to Revelation, God has revealed a commitment to celebration whether to rejoice in his victory over sin, suffering, and death, or to invite marginalized people into relationship with him.

As Gods people, the church, we should commit ourselves to throwing the best neighborhood parties this summer initiating with our neighbors, investing in relationship by showing them they matter to us, and inviting them into our livesbecause thats what Jesus has modeled for us.

We are committed to the cause of celebration at Pathway. We want people from the church to throw the best parties to bless their neighbors. If you need help throwing a neighborhood party we want to help by offering you our Pathway Neighborhood Party Kit that includes:

4 - 8 ft. tables
32 - folding chairs
2 - coolers
3 - corn hole sets
1 - pop-up tent

If youd like to reserve the Neighborhood Party Kit for your party, or if youd like to learn more, email .