Recently I was corresponding with an international missionary and we were discussing the idea of blessing. We agreed that Christians addressing the felt needs of people is of high importance. There’s a saying, “sometimes it’s hard to hear Good News when you’re hungry.” And after all, who is going to argue with caring for orphans, widows, and the other most vulnerable people in our society? Sometimes people need to be shown love before they believe the message of love.

But my missionary friend was quick to interject that the greatest blessing that we have to offer is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Otherwise, we’re just helping people be more comfortable on the way to eternal suffering. That’s no blessing at all. Outreach is often the marriage of gospel presence and gospel proclamation.

That said, for several years Bag Hunger has been a wonderful instrument to help bless others in our community. As we continue this initiative we are excited to find creative ways to not only show the gospel, but share the gospel. For instance, this month our Path of Hope adoption ministry is leveraging Bag Hunger to collect supplies to bless children in the care of Beaver County Child & Youth Services. As they gather supplies and take them to BCCYS they’ll undoubtedly be asked, “What made your church want to do this?”

How do you think they’ll respond?

What would you say?

Consider what Paul told the church in Philippians 2 just after he encourages them to take on the humility of Christ, the greatest servant the world has known,

“…you will shine like stars in the universe, holding out the word of life…” Philippians 2:14-16