One Hit Wonders


These messages were not a part of a sermon series.
We affectionally refer to the messages on this page as "One Hit Wonders." These messages happened between sermon series, or during a break from a sermon series for special events such as Christmas and Easter. Don't worry, you'll still find these messages to be Bible focused and relevant to your life!

Future Forward
Jeff McNicol - 06/03/18


Reasons to Remember
Matt Frey - 05/26/18

Navigating the Path
Jeff McNicol - 03/20/16


Looking Back to Get Ahead
Jeff McNicol - 10/04/15

A Fighting Farewell for Fathers
Matt Frey - 06/21/15


Jeff McNicol - 04/05/15
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Drama In the Garden
Jeff McNicol - 03/29/15
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When the Stars Align
Jason Martin - 12/28/14
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We Believe
Jeff McNicol - 04/20/14
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Fear Not
Ed Walsh - 01/05/14
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Life Through the Wrong End of the Telescope
Matt Frey - 12/29/13

O, Holy Light
Jeff McNicol - 12/22/13
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Bringing Christmas into Focus
Jeff McNicol - 12/08/13
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Freedom Worth Fighting For and Finding
Matt Frey - 07/07/13
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