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“Yay, it’s Thursday!”

That’s what his T-shirt read as Pastor Ben Marshall hustled on to the stage. Pathway’s Pastor of Student Ministries would then utter the historic first words:

“Hello, Pathway! Welcome to our Thursday night service!”

Despite bone-chilling temperatures, hundreds of regular attenders and visitors gathered in the main auditorium for the first Thursday night service in Pathway’s long history. Wearing the same blue-and-gold T-shirts as Pastor Ben, dozens of volunteers greeted those at the service with warm smiles, fist bumps and hi-fives.
“Yay, it’s Thursday!” Pastor Jeff McNicol declared as he took the stage. “Are you excited?”

His question was greeted by applause, whistles and more than a few shouts.

“If you’re new to the faith, or if you haven’t been to church in a while, you’re in the right place,” Pastor Jeff continued. “We’re ALL brand new tonight.”

For sure.

January 31, 2019, will certainly be remembered as a slice of history.

But we’ve got a feeling it’s simply a first for much bigger things to come.

Yay, it’s Thursday, indeed. The weekend begins early at Pathway.