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They came.

They saw.

They ate.

And ate.

And then ate some more.

Yep, the Wild Game Dinner returned to Pathway Church on Friday night and, as in years past, the food was at the forefront — including one dish, in particular.

“The venison chili went over very, very well,” said Cory St. Esprit, Outreach Coordinator at Pathway.

Other popular entrées were wild boar sliders, pheasant, rabbit pasta alfredo, and fried fish.

Prior to dinner, there were seminars on fly fishing, deer hunting, and ice fishing. Vendors also gave away plenty of prizes during the night such as a crossbow, a muzzleloader, a fly fishing guided trip, a kayak and gift cards.

“It was very unique to see a bunch of taxidermied deer mounts in the café on a nice display with a camo-clad crowd at all of the tables,” Cory explained. “It was a great opportunity for us to reach out to men and women in such an outdoors-minded area as ours.”

Jim Skal, founder of Outdoor Immersion, capped the evening as he shared stories about his ministry to veterans and how to utilize God's creation to reach hurting adults and children.

“Many visitors remarked about Jim’s talk,” Cory recalled. “They all told me it was great.”

Cory said he was just as impressed with each volunteer who helped to make the evening so special. He said eight volunteers had been meeting since April to plan the event, and more than 100 volunteer hours went into the cooking alone. About 20 people showed up on Friday night to assist with last-minute details.

“People from all around Pathway came out to help in the kitchen, set up, tear down, and just enjoy meeting new faces,” he explained. “I can’t thank them enough.”

Now that the dinner is back, Cory believes even better days are ahead.

“We look forward to continuing to see it grow over the next couple of years,” he offered. “We’re already excited for the next one.”