Check out our library at Pathway

There’s a good chance you’ve heard that term before, and it usually points to something truly worthy of your attention. At Pathway, it’s our library stocked with hundreds of selections for toddlers through PrimeTimers. So what should you do when you find an item to your liking as you peruse our shelves? Follow the advice of our head librarian Sandy Roethlisberger: check it out!

Here are four simple steps to do just that:

  1. PULL ... out the card in the item that you want to borrow, and sign your name.

  2. STAMP ... the due date on the card AND on the date due slip located on the item that you are borrowing.

  3. REMEMBER ... The due date is always 2 weeks from Sunday. Items can be renewed.

  4. PLACE ... the card in the box on the desk.

All children’s, youth, and young adult books can be found on the central shelves, along with movies and CDs for the entire family. Books for young adults are located on the higher shelves, books for youth in the middle, and children’s books are on the bottom two shelves. We use the Dewey Decimal System, and there is a card catalog to help you find items by author, title or subject.


Library Book Sale

 An ongoing library book sale to make space for new books has begun! We hope you’ll take a moment to stop by our library to check it out. If you have questions about a particular title, email Sandy Roethlisberger.