Sometimes, we experience a call so consuming we are compelled to pursue it — regardless of the cost. The road is often challenging, but the vision fuels our progress despite all odds. That was Nehemiah’s story. Though he set out to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem that had fallen into ruins, his dream encompassed far more than just a construction project. Through God’s leading, the impact went far Beyond Walls. With Nehemiah as our inspiration, we’ll explore what we’ve been called to accomplish as a church and as individuals. As we’ll soon learn, our focus also must go Beyond Walls.

Restoring Order
Jeff McNicol - 12/04/16

Matt Frey - 11/27/16

Engaging the Future
Jeff McNicol - 11/19/16

New Start
Jeff McNicol - 11/13/16

Faithful God
Jeff McNicol - 10/30/16

Jeff McNicol - 10/23/16

Jeff McNicol - 10/16/16

Facing Intimidation
Matt Frey - 10/09/16

Righting Wrongs
Jeff McNicol - 10/02/16

Jeff McNicol - 09/25/16

Taking Action
Jeff McNicol - 09/18/16

Passionate Prayer
Jeff McNicol - 09/11/16