One Hit Wonders


These messages were not a part of a sermon series.
We affectionally refer to the messages on this page as "One Hit Wonders." These messages happened between sermon series, or during a break from a sermon series for special events such as Christmas and Easter. Don't worry, you'll still find these messages to be Bible focused and relevant to your life!

Navigating the Path
Jeff McNicol - 03/20/16

Looking Back to Get Ahead
Jeff McNicol - 10/04/15


A Fighting Farewell for Fathers
Matt Frey - 06/21/15

Jeff McNicol - 04/05/15
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Drama In the Garden
Jeff McNicol - 03/29/15
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When the Stars Align
Jason Martin - 12/28/14
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We Believe
Jeff McNicol - 04/20/14
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Fear Not
Ed Walsh - 01/05/14
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Life Through the Wrong End of the Telescope
Matt Frey - 12/29/13

O, Holy Light
Jeff McNicol - 12/22/13
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Bringing Christmas into Focus
Jeff McNicol - 12/08/13
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Freedom Worth Fighting For and Finding
Matt Frey - 07/07/13
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