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“I love that.”

“That is so cool.”

Take a brief tour of our new children’s wing, and you’ll hear those words being tossed around. A lot.

“Pretty amazing, isn’t it?” Executive Pastor John Westurn said as he led a visitor through the hallways.

He opened the door to a children’s restroom.

“Look at that little sink and mirror,” he said, smiling. “That is so great.”

And here’s what’s even more impressive: it’s not even finished yet.

Stay tuned. Our move-in date is fast approaching.

Until then, here is the latest news on the building’s progress.

•The elevator, carpeting and ceilings were all completed over the past week.

•Concrete work will finish in the next week, and asphalt work will begin.

•Also next week, cabinets will be installed in all the classrooms.

•And over the next several days, painters will put the finishing coats on all the walls.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding. It’s exciting to see our ALL IN vision becoming a reality!